How to Get the Stuff Done That Matters to Your Solo Biz with BONUS workbook (Introductory price)

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Get the Stuff Done That Actually Matters to Your Solo Biz Without Hustle and Overwhelm

A simple step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs, go-getters and those with limited time and resources, to cut the fat, move the needle and achieve their big goals

  1. Trim your to-do list and turn it into your strategy to achieve your goals. Identify where to use your focus instead of just getting a kick out of ticking off a never-ending to-do list. For you, being productive doesn't mean squeezing in more. Be done with busywork so you do things that actually matter and have time for everything else.
  2. A system that gives you just enough guidance to help you get things done but also gives you enough freedom to operate the way that you do. If you've found it hard in the past to stick to the mainstream productivity rules out there (Eat the frog, anyone?), or have found them anxiety-inducing, then give this a try!
  3. Start anywhere. For today, just pick the one thing, that you feel most comfortable starting (and you get a bonus workbook with worksheets to help you do just that!). All the guidelines and prompts work as a whole system, sure. But you'll start seeing results without having to do the whole shebang first. Layer your approach as you feel more confident in creating new habits.

How it works 

  1. Download the ebook and bonus workbook
  2. Read it in one afternoon 
  3. Print your worksheets and start with the one template you feel most comfortable with. Or write your prompts in a journal, in a google doc, sticky notes, etc. Walk the path of least resistance. 

What we cover in the ebook

  • The number 1 reason hustling is bad for you and your biz 
  • This is how you know what to do in your biz  - and what not to. 
  • Turn a project management framework for tech teams into your own productivity system - “Scrum for One”
  • Break up your humongous task to focus on the meaningful "little things”
  • Get the most bang for your buck by going after the “quick wins”
  • Do what you can with what you have right now to get comfortable with uncertainty 
  • Simple and quick self-reflection prompts that should be part of your business process 
  • Suffering from “Shiny Object Syndrome”? I got you!
  • Cut the fat + do the essentials = better entrepreneurs = happier people 

What you get with your bonus workbook

5 printable worksheets to help you

  • Set up for the day
  • Review the week
  • Stay focused for the week
  • Prioritise your to-dos

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The world doesn't need another productivity guru...

And I'll be honest here. I'm not a productivity guru. But I've found the constant talk about how to hustle, how to do "whatever it takes", how to do more in the online entrepreneurship sphere pretty intimidating at first and then just simply illogical - for me. Because I didn't leave a corporate career to become a slave to my own business. The practices laid out in this book are inspired by my time working in tech and creating software with my engineering teams. They work. So I've continued to work in Scrum after adopting and adapting the principles to running my own solo biz and getting stuff done that actually matters.

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eBook plus BONUS Workbook (pdf)

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How to Get the Stuff Done That Matters to Your Solo Biz with BONUS workbook (Introductory price)

0 ratings
I want this!